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AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

    AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard
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A free and simple disk/partition management tool with plenty of useful features

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updated on December 1, 2022


Free to use with plenty of basic and advanced features
Enough to cover all of your disk management needs
Quite simple, intuitive, and well-designed
There are useful wizards for more complex operations
Partitioning is well-designed and you can do many things without restart or data loss


Converting among logical and primary partitions is not possible
Converting dynamic to basic disks is not an option
AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard
Price: $
Managing disks and partitions on Windows can be a tough job if you decide to use Disk Management or DiskPart, which are the built-in tools for this purpose. They often display inexplicable error messages and they are tough on casual users to comprehend. However, there is a great alternative!

AOMEI Partition Assistant (Standard Edition) is a free disk management tool with some standard features including partition management, recovery, and disk backup. However, you will find out that there is more to it!

You are able to use easily understandable wizards for migrating your OS to SSD, bootable media creation, converting your disk to GPT, etc. There is also a Wipe Hard Drive option for safe deletion of your drive without a way to recover data.

Backing up your entire disk has never been easier with the Disk Backup option and you can also test your disk for bad sectors using Disk Surface Test. Partitions can be created, deleted, merged, split, and resized without even having to restart your computer.

New partitions can be set to use any file system including exFAT, FAT/FAT32, NTFS, or you can leave them without a file system. You can use the Disk Copy tool to easily transfer all contents of a drive to another drive while having the option to move the entire drive sector by sector including the free space or to simply copy the data.

Converting the disk or partition from MBR to GPT and vice versa can also be very useful for OS installations. There is a PRO version of the tool available as well, and it offers quite a few additional features, but the Standard Edition will be probably more than enough to cover your basic needs!
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